• For the complete novice
  • For the experienced shot
  • For a keen competitor at clays
  • For safety, for certainty of method
  • For advise in every element of shotgun shooting including a good tailor!

Frequently asked questions:

Who can enjoy and benefit from shooting lessons?
Ladies and gentleman, children from the age of 12 onwards.

Is this likely to cause either discomfort or excessive noise?
Shane has shotguns highly suitable for ladies and younger persons which give minimum recoil.  He also will supply you with headphones.

Is there an age limit?
Shane recently taught a gentleman on two separate occasions who was at the end of his 70’s. ON the second occasion he brought his two teenage grandsons too. Shane was teaching a 76 year old grandmother in recent months surrounded by her cheering granddaughters.

How long are the lessons?
Normally for individuals or couples it would be for one hour. For more than a pair two hours or more should the group wish.

Do I need to bring any equipment?
Shane can supply you with any equipment necessary. However, should you have your own licensed  firearm and Shane consider it suitable for purpose then by all means bring it.

What is suitable clothing?
Wear something that gives you easy freedom of movement and is shower proof. Comfortable outdoor shoes and hat will complete your wardrobe.

How long does it take to learn?
After one lesson you will have succeeded in hitting some of your targets, indeed some have hit every target.

How far can one progress the learning process?
Should you have a difficulty with your shooting method, Shane will identify your fault and advise you with a working remedy.